Grand Teton

Hello from Grand Teton!

This week we learned about farm animals.  We sang, “Old McDonald,” “The Farmer and the Dell,” and “This Little Piggy went to Market,” as we played with our fingers and toes.  We played with our animal puzzles at the table with our friends.  We made a pig pen with our blocks.  We thought it was funny when we knocked the “pen” down and the pig got away.  We had fun putting our farmer’s hat on and taking it off again.  We tried on our bunny ears too and looked at ourselves in the mirror.

We watched ourselves in our cube mirror as we had tummy time.


We liked playing with our colorful parachute too!  We flapped it up and down with our toy farm animals on it.  Some of our friends like to sit in the middle of it while we moved it up and down too!


We even had “tractor rides,” (our buggy) with our favorite farm animal pillow. This week some of the books we read were, “Funny Farm,” “Farm Animals,” and “Cuddly Farm book.”


Have a great weekend!