June 23, 2017

Hello Parkside Families!

First, we would like to say “congratulations” to all of our students who graduated today!  This is always one of the most emotional blogs for me to write because it is time for us to say “good bye” to those who we think so fondly of!  We know that you will accomplish wonderful things in Kindergarten and hope that you come back to share them with us!  Parents whose children will be leaving today and/or sooner than August 25th, please remember that our end of the year event is planned for August 25th (rain date for August 24th) and we welcome you and your child to come back and have some fun with us!

Preschool playground changes:  Parents whose children are in Big Sur, Yosemite and Olympic: please remember beginning next week as long as the playground is dry and we have two managers in the building we will be heading outside from 8-9!  Please have your child’s sunscreen applied on them before dropping them off outside.  Also, to ensure safety of the children is upheld: please do not drop your child off on the playground without talking to your child’s teacher!  If you have any questions about this new routine, please stop by the office or talk with a teacher.

Equipment Fee Update:  We have been purchasing items that will improve the children’s day at Parkside.  To give you an update on some of these purchases we have ordered new circle rugs for Yellowstone and Big Sur, seven new tricycles and cots for all of the preschool classrooms.  Cosa alone total over $2,000, and are to replace the mats we must repair or replace several times a year (cots last many years)!  We purchased two new pieces of equipment for the playground: a bouncy boat and a lemonade stand.  We also bought a new dramatic play refrigerator and table for Big Sur and boat load of sand for our sand ship!

July 3rd-July 7th: Parkside is CLOSED for shut down week!  We have a number of projects planned for this week!  They include building a 4’ high wall to help to create more privacy and less interruptions in the Yosemite classroom when classrooms need to walk through the Yosemite room to get to the playground.  We are giving our kitchen a new face lift by replacing the countertops (which have been damaged by bleach spills) as well as the ceiling which has been damaged by water.  We are also planning to deep clean and organize throughout the building.  Thank you for your support and understanding of how important this week is to the overall maintenance of this large building and the well-being of our staff. Please remember that your tuition remains the same, which allows us to pay our full-time teachers their vacation.  Weekly payers, remember to put two checks in the mailbox on June 30th: one will reflect the week of July 3rd the other will reflect the week of July 10th.  If you have any questions please stop by the office.

Now that summer is officially here popsicles can be a special treat!  I found the following website that has all kinds of different recipes on how to make your own healthy and kid friendly popsicles!  You can find this article at:

The weather is heating up and so is the need for popsicles to cool you down. Who needs  store-bought popsicles with tons of added sugars when making them at home is so easy and a great way to get your kids involved! Simply pick your favorite ingredients, blend them up, pour into a popsicle mold or small paper cups, and freeze.

Fruits, veggies, juice and yogurt all make great ingredients. You can also throw in a tasty add-in or two, like peanut better, flax seed or oatmeal. Check out our Build Your Own Smoothie guide for delicious mix and match combinations that can be easily transformed into yummy popsicles.

We gathered 24 healthy, fruity popsicles recipes from some of our blogger friends to give you inspiration for the summer:

Enjoy your weekend!

Jen V.

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