Grand Teton

Hello from Grand Teton!  This week we learned about zoo animals. We read, “I Know a Rhino,” “Pat-a-Cake, Curious George,” and “Zoo Babies.”


We learned what animals lived at the zoo, what they looked like and what sounds they make.  We sang, “Five Little Monkeys” while using our hand puppet.  We also sang the “Zoo song,” and the “Jungle song” as we learned about each animal.  We found different zoo animals in our feely box, on our walls and even in the hall while we went on a buggy ride. Our teacher showed us the sign for tiger and elephant.  We used our hand print to make an elephant. We cleaned up with water play at the table after painting our hand.  We played with our puppets in dramatic play.

We played with bubble wrap on our gross motor ramp, and had circle time on our crinkly tablecloth. We practice working together as we played with our colorful parachute.

We were happy that some of our parents were able to join us for our family picnic. We hope you had fun!


Have a great weekend!


  • Shutdown week is July 3rd-7th
  • Spirit week is June 19th-23rd
    • Monday: Mismatch day
    • Tuesday: Career day
    • Wednesday: Hat day
    • Thursday: Beach day
    • Friday: Parkside colors