Hello Glacier family and friends!

This week we learned all about oceans and some animals that live in them.

Our friends made handprint crabs. Please look for them on our bulletin board.


We enjoyed walking on our “tacky walk.” We did this by walking on contact paper!


We finger painted “sea monsters.” The paint was cool and gooey.

Our friends also painted “jellyfish” on paper plates with paint brushes.

We explored with water and ocean animals!

Have a great weekend!


  • Please make sure you are signing your child in and out.
  • Please label all food items and pacifiers.
  • Please make sure your child has 2 complete outfits daily!
  • Shutdown week is July 3rd-7th
  • Spirit week is June 19th-23rd
    • Monday: Mismatch day
    • Tuesday: Career day
    • Wednesday: Hat day
    • Thursday: Beach day
    • Friday: Parkside colors