Hello Olympic families!

This week we learned about dairy foods! Our friends learned about how we get milk, where it comes from, and why we drink it. We know that milk comes from a female cow, and we learned about other dairy foods (i.e. yogurt, cheese, ice cream, butter). Our friends are also practicing their letter sounds and sight words in various ways throughout the day!

ABC: Our friends built sight words using our letter cubes!


Color, Cut, Draw: We made sheep with our fingerprints.


Sandbox: We sorted dairy foods and non-dairy foods.


Dramatic Play: We learned about the process of making milk and pretended to be farmers.


Science table: Our friends drew pictures of dairy food inside a picture of a cow! They were asked to think of, and draw foods other than milk.

Vocabulary: We browsed books about milk and found 5 sight words to write.


  • Pre-K graduation is June 23rd.