Grand Teton

Hello from Grand Teton!

This week we learned about transportation.  We learned there are many different kinds of transportation.  We sang about trains, buses, cars, boats and airplanes.  We read about them too.  Some of the books we read were, “Llama Llama Zippity-Zoom,” “Whirly a Helicopter and “Red Light Green Light.”   In our dramatic play area we played with our toy cars and trucks.  We used blocks to make a garage and watched a car whoosh down a ramp.  We learned about the sign for “train.”  We had fun playing with our tunnel too.  We sat and peeked through the tunnel and “drove” (crawled) through.   One of our favorite things to do this week was to play with our parachute.  It was fun flapping it up and down together and feeling the breeze it made on our faces.


We experimented holding big pieces of chalk and making marks on black paper.

We learned our buggy is also a type of transportation.  We like riding in it with our friends and greeting people as we go.

Have a wonderful long weekend!

Reminders: Family picnic June 2nd @ 2:00.