Big Sur

Hello Big Sur families!

This week we learned all about different forms of transportation. We enjoyed comparing land, sky, and water forms of transportation. As a class, we decided that we like planes the best!

During work boards this week:

We made our own traffic lights. We even know a song about the different colors on the light. Ask us to sing it to you! It’s called “Twinkle, Twinkle, Traffic Light.”


Our friends made their very own city out of blocks. We used traffic signs and cars in our little cities. We also drove cars and trucks through town on our car rug.


Our friends practiced their scissor cutting skills by cutting along a curvy road.


We worked at the “Big Our Car Wash,” and washed our cars with soapy water.



We stamped our names onto our very own license plates.

Digital Camera


Our friends drove cars through paint and then on our papers. We loved seeing the different tracks the cars made!

Digital Camera

Have a great long weekend!


  • The family picnic is Friday, June 2nd at 4pm. All are encouraged to come.
  • As the weather gets warmer, please replace the clothes in the cubbies for cooler ones.
  • Please show your child how to walk down the hallway. We are practicing safe, walking feet to and from recess, and would love it if parents could support this effort. Please show your child how to use safe, walking feet upon arrival and with departure.