May 19, 2017

Hello Parkside Families!

We hope you had a wonderful week!  As you may recall from last week’s blog, Lisa wrote the director’s blog because Jen M-R and I were at a Conscious Discipline Training.  It was a week of learning and inspiration on our behalf to know that there are many aspects of Conscious Discipline Parkside supports, but we also realized that there are several areas that we need to continue to learn.  We are looking forward to bringing this material back to our teachers to train them in these new areas during our shut down day (next Friday, 5/26)!

Make-A-Wish penny drive:  Thank you to all who participated in the penny drive to help this organization!

Survey results update:  We are working on the summary results from the parent survey.  You will receive this summary in the upcoming weeks in the blog as well as in the parent survey binder on the lobby counter.

Parkside website:  You may have tried to go on our website and it is not accessible.  Jillian, who is our Marketing Specialist, has designed a new website for Parkside and is in the process of making it accessible to the public.  There may be times during the upcoming days which the website is not accessible; please contact the office if you need information from our website!  This transition may take up to 3 days.

The following article is from ExchangeEveryDay.  We hear a lot about technology (the positives and the negatives), but this article discusses the steps of removing influences of smartphones.  I had an experience with Jen M-R this week which caused me to reflect on the relationship I have with my phone when I am involved with co-workers and my family: We were driving home from our training on Tuesday; Jen M-R was driving while I was in the passenger seat.  I was writing a text message while Jen was talking with me.  I thought that I was being attentive to the conversation, but Jen pointed out to me that the phone was a complete distraction to our conversation and that I wasn’t fully participating in it.  Although this article reflects the perspective of a parent, I feel that we can use it in all areas of our lives.

How Children Feel About Smartphones
May 12, 2017

Reality can destroy the dream; why shouldn’t the dream destroy reality?
-George Moore

“When she’s playing with her children, Sandra Kim’s phone is nowhere in sight.

“For instance, she puts it upstairs before going downstairs to play with her children. Kim, a stay-at-home mother in Fairfax, Va., to three children between the ages of 3 and 8, knows that she’s no match for the allure of social media, text messages and phone calls. She also knows that whenever she peeks at her phone, her kids get upset.

‘When we’re playing, I call my husband to tell him that I won’t be accessible for a few hours,’ Kim said.” This according to an article in the Chicago Tribune, “Your Smartphone May Be Ruining Your Relationships, Even When it’s Off” by Danielle Braff.

“It’s a bold move at a time when cellphones are causing trouble in relationships. Anyone who has tried to have a conversation with someone only to notice that the other person is looking down at his or her phone knows the feeling, but recent studies are daunting and revealing: Relationships are no match for phones.”

Upcoming Events:

Friday, May 26th:  Shutdown Day; Parkside is closed for teacher training!  Lynna, Lisa, Jen V., and Jen M-R will be training the staff on topics from the trainings they attended to in May.

Monday, May 29th:  Parkside is closed for Memorial Day

Wednesday, May 31stThe Olympic classroom will visit the Philip Strickland House (on Boyd St. in Bangor).  The class will participate in an activity with the residents at the home.   Cyr Bus will pick us up and will bus us back to Parkside after spending approximately an hour with the residents.  We believe that this experience will be an enriching experience for both the children at Parkside as well as the residents at the Philip Strickland House.  We will have a permission slip on top of the cubbies in the upcoming weeks!

Friday, June 2nd: Family picnic!  Please join us for our family picnic on the 2nd!  We will have snacks and drinks for all family members.  Grand Teton, Glacier, Sequoia, Zion, and Yellowstone will be at 2:00; Big Sur, Yosemite, and Olympic will be at 4:00.  Family and friends are welcome to join us for this event!  If you have any questions please ask your child’s teachers or stop by the office!

Wednesday, June 21st: Pre-K graduation rehearsal!  We will plan to announce the time for this rehearsal as we get closer.  The kids will walk across the field to 203 Maine Ave (Bangor Savings Bank, Clifton Eames Learning Center).  Friday, June 23rd: 4:00: Pre-K Graduation!  Parents, we welcome all family members to come and celebrate this event!  We encourage you to arrive early for this event.  We will have a permission slip in the classroom for both of these events as we get closer!  Don’t forget, the deadline to order a yearbook is May 30th!

Monday, July 3rd-July 7th:  Parkside is closed for shut down week.  Please make sure to mark your calendars!

Enjoy your weekend,

Jen V.

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