May 5, 2017

Hello Parkside Families,

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  This week we enjoyed celebrating the teachers who help to make Parkside such a special place!  We want to thank all of the families who helped to make this week even better!  I know all of us are very grateful to all who showed their appreciation!

American Folk Festival Announcement!  On Thursday the Olympic room welcomed the Folk Festival Committee while they announced five of the musical artists coming to this year’s festival!  We also welcomed the Bangor Daily News as well as Fox22.  You can see our Facebook Live post on our website from this announcement!

Parent Survey Results:  We received 61 responses this year!  Many of the responses we received validated the hard work we do every day.  We will publish our summary and response on the blog dates for May 19th, when Jen M-R and I come back from our Conscious Training.  We also would like to congratulate all of the Yellowstone parents and teachers because they are the winners for receiving the most percentage of responses!

Equipment Fee update:  We had several questions from parents this week regarding the equipment fee and what does it go towards.  The equipment fee goes to replacing or adding to our classrooms and the playground.  Every year the teachers complete an inventory list of all of the items in their classroom, which we use this to replace broken or worn items. We have already started to replace items including wood chips for our playground (which is a licensing requirement to have a soft material under any structure).  We have also ordered new circle rugs, furniture for rooms, and we will be ordering cots for all of our preschool classrooms (instead of the soft mats we are currently using).  We will continue to update in the upcoming months!

Wednesday, May 17th:  Pre-K Graduation pictures @ 9:30.  Please plan to have your child arrive at Parkside BY 9:15 so that we can take the group picture of the kids in their caps and gowns as well as their individual pictures.  If you have any questions about this please speak with Miss Meghan or Miss Sherri.

Thursday, May 18th:  Make-a-Wish walk!  We are looking forward to supporting this important organization!  The registration for the walk is at 5:00 and the walk is at 6:00 at Cascade Park.  We will also be collecting pennies in the tulip baskets on the lobby counter until the 18th.

Friday, May 26th: Parkside is CLOSED for shut down day (teacher training):  We are looking forward to spending the day training our teachers on trainings our managers attended during the month of May.  Lynna and Lisa attended the Young Child Conference, which provided them seminars on a variety of topics such as story time with infants and toddlers, STEM curriculum and many other topics.  Next week Jen M-R and I are attending a Conscious Discipline training to further help us to teach children self-regulation and help us with behavior management. Please remember we are closed on Monday, May 29th for Memorial Day.

Wednesday, May 31st:  The Olympic classroom will visit the Philip Strickland House (on Boyd St. in Bangor).  The Philip Strickland House is an assisted living facility.  The class will participate in an activity with the residents at the home.   Cyr Bus will pick us up and will bus us back to Parkside after spending approximately an hour with the residents.  We believe that this event will be an enriching experience for both the children at Parkside as well as the residents at the Philip Strickland House.  We will have a permission slip on top of the cubbies in the upcoming weeks!

Friday, June 2nd at 2:00 and 4:00: Family picnic: Please join us as we celebrate all of the members of our families on June 2nd.  This picnic is not specific to a particular parent… in fact we invite the whole family to join us!  Infant and toddler (Grand Teton, Glacier, Sequoia, Zion, and Yellowstone) families is at 2:00 and Preschool (Big Sur, Yosemite, and Olympic) families is at 4:00.  Because we recognize that the separate holidays of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day is not represented in every family we will plan to have a family gift at this event from your child (ren) instead of recognizing those holidays.  We hope you can join us for this event!  If you have any questions please speak with your child’s teacher.

Wednesday, June 21st: Pre-K graduation rehearsal!  We will plan to announce the time for this rehearsal as we get closer.  The kids will walk across the field to 203 Maine Ave (Bangor Savings Bank, Clifton Eames Learning Center).  Friday, June 23rd: 4:00: Pre-K Graduation!  Parents, we welcome all family members to come and celebrate this event!  We encourage you to arrive early for this event.  We will have a permission slip in the classroom for both of these events as we get closer!

This week we received a warning from the Maine CDC regarding ticks and lyme disease.  Below is the information from this warning, which is also posted on the computer in the lobby.  

2017 Lyme and other Tickborne Disease Information

Lyme disease is the most common vectorborne disease in Maine. Ticks are already out and we expect the number of Lyme disease cases to increase as the weather continues to get warmer. May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month in Maine and we want to encourage Mainers to be tick smart.

The purpose of this advisory is to:

Provide general information regarding ticks and Lyme disease

Remind providers to report cases of Lyme disease, including those diagnosed by erythema migrans

Provide resources on diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease

Remind providers that anaplasmosis, babesiosis and other tickborne diseases are also increasing in Maine



Lyme disease is a bacterial infection that is carried by Ixodes scapularis (the deer tick). Cases have increased over the last decade in Maine, and occur in all 16 counties. Providers reported over 1,485 cases of Lyme disease statewide in 2016, an increase from 2015. Lyme disease is most common among school age children and mature adults over the age of 65. Most infections occur during the summer months, and as the weather continues to warm up, more ticks will be out in the open, and we are likely to see more cases of Lyme disease. Providers have already reported cases in 2017, and the number will rise as we enter the summer months.


The most common early symptom of Lyme disease is an expanding red rash (erythema migrans) that occurs 3-30 days after being bitten. Fever, joint and muscle pains may also occur. Untreated infections can lead to clinical findings in skeletal, cardiac, and nervous systems. Disseminated manifestations of disease include: arthritis characterized by recurrent, brief attacks of joint swelling; lymphocytic meningitis; cranial neuritis (such as Bell’s palsy); encephalitis; and second or third degree atrioventricular block. Lyme disease is treatable, and the majority of patients recover after receiving appropriate therapy.

What to do after a tick bite:

Remove the tick properly, ideally using tweezers or a tick spoon.

Identify the tick and the engorgement level, or length in time of attachment. Tick identification is available for free through the University of Maine Cooperative Extension and more information can be found at

Clean the area around the bite, and instruct the patient to watch for signs and symptoms for 30 days.

Testing of the tick is not routinely recommended because even if the tick tests positive for Lyme, that does not mean it was attached long enough to transmit the disease. Even if the tick tests negative that does not mean that was a patient’s only exposure, and it does not eliminate the possibility of anaplasmosis or babesiosis.

Prophylaxis after a tick bite is not routinely recommended, but can be considered under specific circumstances including:

o Tick has been identified as an engorged deer tick that has been attached for over 24 hours

o Exposure occurred in an area where there is a high rate of infected ticks. Areas south of Bangor have the highest rate of infected ticks in the state. There are limited data from the more northern counties on the rate of infection among ticks.

Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention 2017PHADV003 – 2017 Lyme and other Tickborne Diseases Information 3


o Prophylaxis can be started within 72 hours. Even if prophylaxis is used, monitoring for symptoms for 30 days is recommended.

There are no data showing if prophylaxis is effective in preventing anaplasmosis, and a single dose of doxycycline will not have an effect on babesiosis. Therefore, even if prophylaxis is used, monitoring for symptoms for 30 days is recommended.


If Lyme disease is suspected:

Preferred laboratory testing is a two tier method, with an EIA or IFA test followed by Western Blot for both IgG and IgM

IgM is only considered reliable in the first month after exposure

IDSA guidelines for assessment, treatment, and prevention of Lyme disease are available at


What to report:

Lyme disease is a reportable condition in the state of Maine. Report all diagnosed erythema migrans rashes and all positive lab diagnoses. Cases can be reported by fax at 1-800-293-7534 or by phone at 1-800-821-5821.

Other tickborne diseases:

Other diseases that are carried by ticks in Maine include anaplasmosis, babesiosis, and Powassan. Symptoms of anaplasmosis include: fever, headache, malaise and body aches. Symptoms of babesiosis include: extreme fatigue, aches, fever, chills, sweating, dark urine, and possibly anemia. Symptoms of Powassan include: fever, headache, vomiting, weakness, confusion, loss of coordination, speech difficulties, seizures, and encephalitis and meningitis. Preferred testing for anaplasmosis, babesiosis, and Powassan is by PCR. Testing for all three diseases can be performed at Maine’s Health and Environmental Testing Laboratory (HETL), and many reference and commercial laboratories offer testing for anaplasmosis and babesiosis.

In 2016, providers reported 372 cases of anaplasmosis, a significant increase from 2015. Providers reported 82 cases of babesiosis, a significant increase from 2015. A single case of Powassan was identified in 2016. Maine providers reported eight anaplasmosis cases and five babesiosis cases to date in 2017. Anaplasmosis, babesiosis, ehrlichiosis, Powassan, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever are all reportable in Maine; however ehrlichiosis and Rocky Mountain spotted fever are uncommon in the state.

A Physician’s Reference Guide is available and describes the most common tickborne diseases in Maine. This guide can be found on our website at: under Resources. Paper copies can be requested through

Additional information:

Lyme disease data is available on Maine CDC’s website at and then navigating to Maine Tracking Network: Lyme disease on the left navigation pane.

For more information on tickborne diseases including Lyme:

For IDSA Lyme disease treatment guidelines:

To order Lyme educational materials:

Disease consultation and reporting available through Maine CDC at 1-800-821-5821

HETL requisition


Upcoming Events:

Wednesday, May 17th @ 9:30: Pre-K Graduation Pictures

Thursday, May 18th:  Make-a-Wish Walk!

Friday, May 26th:  Parkside is closed for shut down day

Monday, May 29th: Parkside is closed for Memorial Day

Wednesday, May 31st: Olympic classroom visits Philip Strickland House

Friday, June 2nd at 2:00 and at 4:00: Family Picnic

Wednesday, June 21st: Pre-K graduation rehearsal

Friday, June 23rd: Pre-K Graduation!


Have a great weekend,


Jen V.

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