This week in Zion we celebrated the Week of the Young Child with each day having a special theme!

For Music Monday we made musical instruments from paper tubes and dried beans.


On Taco Tuesday we had tacos with our lunch! We painted paper plates in the morning, and we decorated them with pom poms and feathers in the afternoon. We love feathers!


On Wednesday, we made caterpillars from egg cartons, pom poms and googly eyes!


Thursday we painted with finger paint!

On Friday we made paper bag puppets with “troll hair”.

We would like to thank our parents who came into Zion this week to read for all of us. We enjoyed the stories and special visits from Iris’ mom, Gabby’s mom, Isabelle’s mom, Poppy’s dad, and Hannah’s mom.

Reminder: Our playground is still very wet, please bring in puddle boots and rain paints and check that there are extra clothes in their cubbies!