April 28, 2017

Hello Parkside Families,

This week was full of events and activities which helped to highlight The Week of the Young Child.  We started the week with “Music Monday:” kids made musical instruments and listened to a variety of music.  On “Tasty Tuesday” we all enjoyed making tacos, so much that kids were asking for them at lunch for the rest of the week!  On “Working Together Wednesday” all of the kids came together to create an awesome musical parade.  There is a video of the parade on our Facebook page! On “Artsy Thursday” children created special beaded necklaces with Miss Rosanne in art class.  On “Family Friday” we had families come to visit us during our afternoon snack; we also were able to plant our pansies outside (which was supposed to be our Working Together activity from Wednesday).  We want to thank all of our families and guest readers who helped to make this week even more special!  I think we can all agree that having a week to spotlight the importance of early childhood programs is extremely important to all of us!

Parking lot reminders:  We have heard from some of our families through the parent survey that the parent parking lot can be very congested at times.  We want to remind parents to use the staff parking lot (which is to the left of the building) if you have troubles parking in the parent lot.  If you are using the teacher parking lot, please make sure to park in spaces that are defined.  Although there are places where it would seem a car could park without any problems, it blocks the entrance to PCHC’s which is to the left of Parkside.

Equipment Fee:  Families who are monthly billers: the equipment fee ($80 per child) is included in this month’s tuition.  Weekly payers, you may have noticed that your weekly bill was $80 more than ususual; please know this fee is due by THIS Friday 4/28.

Thursday, May 4th:  American Folk Festival will be announcing the musical acts at Parkside!!  We have been asked by the American Folk Festival committee to present the musical artists for this year’s festival at Parkside!!  We will plan to announce in our Olympic classroom.  There is a media permission slip on top of the cubbies for you to sign to allow your child to on be on the media present.  Also, if you happen to be at Parkside between 8-5 on this day check out our Snapchat filter!

May 1st-May 5th:  Teacher Appreciation Week!  We are looking forward to spending the week recognizing the teachers at Parkside!  There are a number of ways to participate in this event: you can sign up for bringing in a breakfast item or lunch (the sign-up sheets are on the lobby counter); you can write notes on the poster boards  in the hallways; and you can bring in a gift or card which expresses your appreciation.  If you have any questions please stop by the office!

Wednesday, May 17th:  PreK Graduation pictures: We will plan to take pictures of children who are graduating this year at 9:30.  Please plan to make sure your child arrives at Parkside by 9:15.

Thursday, May 18th:  Make-a-Wish Walk:  There will be a walk for Make-a-Wish at Cascade Park.  Registration will begin at 5:00 and the walk will begin at 6:00.  We will also have a penny drive supporting Make a Wish until the 18th.  Please put any change you would like to donate to this organization in the buckets on the lobby counter.

Friday, May 26th:  Parkside is CLOSED for teacher training.  We are looking forward to our full day teacher training which will include all of our managers sharing information with our team on the trainings they will be attending in May.  Lisa and Lynna will be discussing information on early childhood development which they received from the Young Child Expo.  Jen M-R and Jen V. will be sharing training they will be receiving from their Conscious Discipline training.

Monday, May 29th:  Parkside is CLOSED for Memorial Day!

Wednesday, May 31st : Olympic class visits Philip Strickland House!  We are looking forward to bringing the Olympic class to the Strickland House Wednesday morning!  The Philip Strickland House is located on Boyd St. in Bangor (just a short bus ride from Parkside).  The children and adults will have a variety of activities to do for an hour.  There will be a permission slip in the classroom in the upcoming weeks.

June 21st:  Olympic graduation rehearsal at 203 Maine Ave. 

June 23rd:  Pre-K Graduation at 203 Maine Ave. at 4:00!  Family and friends are welcome to attend; please know that the auditorium fills up quickly so you may want to arrive early!

We believe routines for children help to provide security, an understanding of sequences (what comes next) and a predictability which is important for children’s success.  The following article provides more reasons why concrete routines are important at home and at school.  You can find this article at:

Nagging your kids to stick to a set bedtime each night may feel like a thankless task. But here’s some justification that your efforts are setting your kids up for a healthier life: A new study finds that preschool-age children who didn’t have a set sleep routine were more likely to be overweight by the time they became tweens.

“We found children who had inconsistent bedtimes were almost twice as likely to be obese by age 11 compared to kids who had regular bedtimes,” says study author Sarah Anderson, an epidemiologist at The Ohio State University.

The new study, which is based on findings from a cohort of children in the U.K., builds on a body of research that finds household routines early in life can influence body weight and the risk of obesity in adolescence and beyond. It’s published in the International Journal of Obesity.

When children were 3, parents were surveyed about a range of habits, including sleep and meal times. Researchers have continued to follow the children, who are now about 16 years old. This kind of research is not designed to establish cause and effect between sleep habits and the risk of weight gain, but the findings echo other research that links the two.

Back in 2010, Anderson and her colleague Robert Whitaker published a similar study based on research that included about 8,550 children in the U.S. That study, which was published in Pediatrics, found that in addition to regular bedtimes, two additional habits were also tied to a lower risk of obesity: regular evening meals and limited screen-viewing time. The three habits combined were linked to a 40 percent lower prevalence of obesity.

The habit of sitting down to an evening meal as a family has been tied to healthy eating habits — and emotional benefits — in other studies.

And researchers are learning more about how the timing of meals and sleep influences our biology. For instance, as we’ve reported, researchers have found that eating early in the day, not late, can help maximize weight loss. In addition, it’s been shown that sleep deprivation can set the stage for weight gain and metabolic disease.

So what explains the link between sleep and weight? Researchers who study circadian rhythms are investigating.

“Regular bedtime … imposes a consistent exposure to light and darkness, which sustains a robust circadian rhythm, ” explains Satchidananda Panda, a professor in the Regulatory Biology Laboratory at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies. If this rhythm is disrupted, the body can be thrown off.

He points to studies that have found that shift workers — who work overnight and sleep during the day — are more prone to weight gain.

It seems we humans are time-keeping machines, and regular sleeping and eating schedules help keep all our clocks in sync.

“The increase in obesity among these children [in the new study] might be due to a similar mechanism that predisposes shift workers to weight gain,” Panda says.

The new study didn’t find a link between a lack of regular meal times and obesity in children. “We were surprised,” says researcher Sarah Anderson. She says she had hypothesized that they would find a link, given the findings of her earlier study. She says more follow-up is needed.

Panda says this new study adds to the body of scientific literature that finds the timing of daily habits can be a predictor of chronic diseases. “What is important is this correlation begins at an early age.”

Upcoming Events:

May 1st-May 5th:  Teacher Appreciation Week

Wednesday, May 17th:  Pre-K Graduation pictures @ 9:30

Friday, May 26th: Parkside Closed for shut down day

Monday, May 29th: Parkside closed for Memorial Day

Enjoy your weekend!

Jen V.