Grand Teton

Hello from Grand Teton!

This week as we continued on with our Spring theme, we talked about “ducks.”  We sang, “Five Little Ducks went out to play,” and “Six Little Ducks that I once knew” as we introduced the sign for duck.  We read, “Do Like a Duck Does,” Duckie’s Splash,” and “Five Little Ducks.”


We painted a picture with feathers.


We saw plenty of smiles and heard a lot of giggles as we flap the parachute up and down like the ducks flap their wings and practiced our quacking!   We went on a duck hunt as we searched for toy ducks in the parachute.  For texture play we unwrapped a surprise wrapped in different types of paper.


  • We will be celebrating the Week of the Young Child next week with special things going on each day!



Have a great weekend!