Big Sur

This week in Big Sur we learned all about frogs! Friends learned the life cycle of a frog (eggs, tadpole, froglet, frog)!

In our work boards we…

Hopped on our paper with paint


Colored in the life cycle and then put it back in order


Hopped on lily pads like frogs


Had frogs in the water table and counted frogs on lily pads


Played a game where we hopped frogs into the pond!


Built a frog pond with blocks and added frogs, turtles, and fish


Reenacted 5 green and speckled frogs


Used magnifying glasses to observe frogs and draw what we saw


Made F is for frogs by coloring in the F’s, adding speckled dots, a tongue, and thumbprint flies.



  • Next week is Week of the Young Child!
    • Monday is Musical Monday
    • Tuesday is Taco Tuesday (we will be making tacos in the classroom)!
    • Wednesday is Work Together Wednesday
      • There will be a parade around the center with handmade instruments
    • Thursday there will be a special art activity
    • Friday is Family Friday, come join us for a snack at 3:00pm and enjoy some time in our classroom!
  • Please bring in sunscreen
  • Don’t forget to fill out our online survey!
  • Parent/teacher advisory meeting will be April 27th!

Have a wonderful weekend!