April 14, 2017

Hello Parkside Families!

We had such a wonderful week, we hope you did too!  Who could be in a bad mood when the sun felt so nice to have?  April is a very tricky month because, just like this week, we have very warm days and then there are very cool days.  We suggest until we know that the mud and cold weather is finally a distant memory, please keep your child’s snow pants or a pair of waterproof pants here at Parkside as well as either a pair of snow boots or water boots, too.  We want to make sure your child is dressed appropriately, so please make sure your child has the proper materials to wear for recess.  Because there are still puddles and certainly mud, please make sure your child has at least 2 pairs of pants and socks in their cubby!

**The bikes and cars are out!!** Please remember to bring a helmet for your child to wear!

Parkside Parent Survey:  Our parent survey is still open on Survey Monkey through the month of April.  We have 41 responses so far and would really appreciate hearing from all of you!  The link to our parent survey is:  We will review all of the responses at our parent/teacher advisory meeting which is scheduled for April 27th.  Please remember the classroom which has the most percentage of responses will receive lunch!

May 1st-May 5th:  Teacher Appreciation Week!  Every year we look forward to showing our appreciation of teachers at Parkside for all of their hard work by recognizing them for the week!  If you would like to participate in this event, there are several ways to do so.  You can recognize them with a card or letter, a gift, or you can choose to buy breakfast or lunch for the classroom or the center (the signup sheets are on the lobby counter).  Please stop by the office if you have any questions!

May 1st:  Penny drive for Make a Wish:  Every year we look forward helping support the mission of the Make a wish foundation.  Beginning May 1st we will have baskets on the counter of the lobby for you to place change to help this cause.  On May 18th, there will be a Make-a-Wish walk at Cascade Park; the registration is at 5:00 and the walk begins at 6:00.

Friday, May 26th:  Shut down day, Parkside is CLOSED for teacher training.  Our training day will corporate Conscious Discipline training and discussing NAEYC standards. 

Parkside food policy:  As you know, we have a food policy at Parkside that includes what types of foods can be packed in your child’s lunchbox.  The reason for this policy is because there are foods that are dangerous for children to eat and require direct supervision.  According to the American Academy of Pediatrics three common foods that cause death for children under three years old are hot dogs, grapes, and pop corn, and that children shouldn’t eat these items until they are five years old.  You can find this article at:

Did you know that according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, choking is one of the leading causes of death for children under the age of three? Common foods such as hot dogs, grapes, and popcorn are the biggest culprits. As a safety suggestion from the AAP, these types of foods should never be consumed before a child reaches five.


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With that said, here is a heartbreaking story about a two-year-old girl who has passed away after suffering from irreparable brain damage when she choked on a popcorn kernel.

Mirranda’s family are now trying to raise awareness about the dangers of giving toddlers popcorn amongst other types of food that could pose a potential choking hazard to children.

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On the mother’s birthday, she and her husband Pat were in the living room when their daughter — Mirranda, came to them choking on a popcorn kernel. With her eyes bulging, her parents’ panicked because their baby girl couldn’t breathe. The popcorn kernel was deep inside Mirranda’s throat inhibiting her from breathing. Her father began CPR, but by the time paramedics arrived, Mirranda’s heart had stopped.

Despite the fact that Mirranda’s heart stopped for a while, doctors at VCU Medical Center were able to save her. Mirranda survived, but doctors informed her parents that she had suffered from irreparable brain damage. Eventually Mirranda’s health got worse and after her kidneys gave out, the young child passed away.

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Source: Goodhousekeeping Screenshot

Although Mirranda has passed away, her family cannot stress enough about the dangers of children ingesting certain types of food. The two-year-old isn’t the first child to choke on a piece of popcorn, but the family hopes that she can be the last.

Before we end this article, we would like to leave you with a few tips on how you can prevent your child from choking.

  • Don’t offer high risk foods: big chunks of meat, hard candies, grapes, popcorn, and cheese.
  • Supervise the child when they’re eating. This might seem like common sense, but do not let them walk or run while eating.
  • Cut their foods up into small pieces or mash them into a paste.
  • Carefully evaluate all of their toys and determine which ones may be hazardous.
  • Take a class on cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and choking first aid for children.

We hope you found this article informative and education. Our deepest condolences go out to Mirranda and her family.

We appreciate your efforts to make sure your child’s lunches and snacks are safe and appropriate for your child to eat.  If you have any questions about our policies on meals please speak with your child’s teacher or stop by the office!

Upcoming Events:

April 24th -28th : Week of the Young Child

May 1st-May 5th:  Teacher Appreciation Week

May 18th:  Make-a-wish penny drive ends

May 26th:  Shut down day, Parkside is closed for teacher training

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