Hello Zion friends and families! We are super excited to Spring here in our classroom! We can’t wait for the days to get longer and the weather to get warmer. Since it is still rather cold and there is still snow everywhere, we experienced Spring inside the classroom this week.

First, we dug our flowers out of the “snow” in our rice sensory bin.


Next, we made our own flowers out of crayons and tissue paper.


We had fun building flowers and trees with Legos!


We even learned about parts of flowers with our felt flowers.


But of course, Spring isn’t all flowers and sun, so we decided to do some spring cleaning!


Last, but not least, friends explored their own creativity and painted what they think Spring looks like with watercolors.


Our tissue paper flowers and Spring paintings were so beautiful we had to put them on display!


Reminder: While it may still be cold and there is still snow on the ground, our playground is getting wetter and muddier by the day! So, please be sure to bring in extra clothes for your children and bring home their outside gear to wash whenever possible! Thank you and have a great weekend!