March 31, 2017Hello Parkside Families,

This week we learned many of the classic lessons of spring: gardening, worms, mud, and general spring information. Spring is on its way! We have learned that the saying “March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb” certainly stands true as of now and we hope March does leave us calmly! Since we don’t have any control over the weather, sometimes we have to force spring to come to us regardless of what the weather is! We had two signs this week that spring is on its way: Fields4Kids has ended and the caterpillars for our butterfly unit arrived in Olympic! We want to thank MJ Ball and his terrific staff for giving us the Fields for Kids opportunity for the past three months! We also thank our teachers and any parents who came with us! We are looking forward to next winter when we will continue these visits again. As I mentioned, our caterpillars for our butterfly unit arrived this week too! This is an annual unit for our Olympic classroom, who will be learning the cycles of the butterfly first hand over the upcoming weeks! Please feel free to stop by the classroom to take a peek at the progress. At the end of the unit we will have a birthday party for the butterflies as we release them!

**Playground reminders and updates: As many of you know, the playground is extremely wet and muddy! Please remember that we need at least two pairs of regular pants, socks and underwear in your child’s cubby. We recommend that you bring at least two pairs of snow pants or one pair of snow pants and a pair of rain pants (or a pair of waterproof pants). We also want to remind you: once the snow on the bike path melts, we will be getting the bikes out of the shed!! Please remember your child must have a bike helmet to wear to use the bikes. We will have our spare helmets available, but ask you to bring one in ASAP once the bikes are out.

Parent Survey: Our annual parent survey will be ready for you beginning today (March 31st)! You should receive a link which will take you to the Survey Monkey. We will keep this link open through the month of April. It is important for us to hear from you how we are doing and in what ways we can improve our services. We enjoy having a friendly competition to see which classroom will receive the highest percentage of possible responses; we will buy lunch for the winning classroom. Stay tuned for weekly updates! We will have a written summary from all of your responses available in May.

April 17-21st: April vacation! Parkside is OPEN! If you are needing back-up care for your older child[ren] please stop by the office!

April 24-28th: Week of the Young Child: This week is an opportunity to celebrate the children and teachers of Parkside! We will have events and themes to highlight each day, but we will also be looking for parents and family members to come and read in classrooms. We will have sheets in each classroom for you to sign up if you are interested. The themes for this week are: Music Monday, Tasty Tuesday, Working Together Wednesday, Artsy Thursday and Family Friday. Look for more information about this week in the upcoming blogs! If you would like more information about the Week of the Young Child please go to:

May 1-5th: Teacher Appreciation Week! At Parkside we take this week to celebrate all of the hard work our teachers do every day! This is a week for all of us to express our gratitude to them. We do not expect families (necessarily) to bring in gifts to express their gratitude, in fact some of the best ways to express this is the simplest of gifts: a card, a picture or some kind words. We will have baskets to place any gifts you do wish to give the classroom teachers. Please stop by the office if you have any questions about this week! Thanks in advance for appreciating our teachers!

Make a wish walk: Beginning April 17th we will have baskets on the lobby counter for you to place pennies for Make a Wish. We also have a poster in the lobby that provides information for the walk on May 18th. Registration for the walk is at 5:00 and the walk is at 6:00 at Cascade Park.  

The following article is one Jen M-R found recently, which discusses 5 things parents who raise “good” kids do, according to Harvard Psychologists. Of course, it could be debated what “good kids” means exactly, but this article gives food for thought! These 5 ways may seem like simple and obvious things to teach and do with your child, but now we know that there is even more of a reason to keep doing them. Unfortunately, I couldn’t attach this article to the blog, but you can find it at:

Enjoy your weekend,


Jen V.