This week in Olympic, we’ve been learning about St. Patrick’s Day, and Ireland. We’ve had a great time in our classroom this week. Here’s a glimpse at our work boards.

ABC: We made a book about a leprechaun.


123: We practiced writing and counting numbers 1-15 and filling in the blanks.

Vocabulary: We wrote our vocabulary words and practiced sounding them out.


Fine Motor: We made Ireland’s flag!


Writing Center: We made four leaf clovers with different shapes.

Game: We played a National Geographic animal guessing game.

Science: Friends traced a map of Ireland and colored it their own way.

Art: Raining painting!

Blocks: We had a St. Patricks Day parade.

Dramatic Play:We played leprechauns hiding the gold!

Here are a few pictures from our awesome science lesson about dry ice with Miss Trudi on Monday:


Have a wonderful weekend!