March 10, 2017

Hello Parkside Families,

We hope you enjoyed your week as much as we did!  Some of our classrooms learned about different kinds of music as well as different elements of music such as rhythm, loud (forte) and soft (piano) sounds.  Many of the kids enjoyed making music on the fabulous drum Miss Gail, one of our teachers in Sequoia, left out for everyone to beat as they traveled through the hallway this week.  March is “music in schools month” and we are looking forward to having children experience the importance of music not only through our music classes with Mr. Aaron, but throughout the week.

Creative Curriculum assessments are completed for the winter benchmark!  Please make sure to check your child’s folder next week for a copy of the assessment!  Please stop by the office if you would like to meet with your child’s teacher.  Families with conferences today will receive theirs now. 

                Special thanks to:  Holly Twining for our yoga instruction (to further our year-long theme of mindfulness)—it was fun!  As well, a big thank you to Colette Sabbagh, our Parkside pediatrician,  for Blood Borne Pathogens and childhood illness training.  We also enjoyed diversity training from TJ Holloway from EMCC.  Lastly, a huge thank you to all the parents who are attending conferences to find out what’s happening with their children.  It takes our staff a great deal of time and effort to complete the assessments and they enjoy sharing their wealth of information with all of you! 

Friday, March 10th – Friday, March 17th:  Scholastic Book Fair!  For the next week we will have books available for purchase in our hallway.  If you are interested in purchasing a book please bring it up to the office and we will ring you up!  We accept checks, cash, credit cards, and we are able to bill your account.  We are also looking for this opportunity to help support the Literacy Volunteers of Bangor’s family program; you can help by purchasing any book that will be given to this terrific organization.  Once the book fair ends we will present these books to them.  If you have any questions about the fair, please stop by the office!

Thursday, March 16th:  Parent/Teacher Advisory Meeting, 5:30-6:30:  We are looking forward to reviewing our annual parent survey with you.  We will use last year’s survey to make sure we are reflecting this program’s year accurately to families.  We will plan to have child care available, but please make sure to speak with the office BY Wednesday if you are needing care for the meeting.

Friday, March 17th:  St. Patrick’s Day!  Don’t forget to wear green!! J

                **Did you know we have youth size sweatshirts with our Parkside logo for sale in our lobby? Please stop by the office for the sizes available and to purchase if you are interested!

                **Stay tuned for more information on a possible after hours Family event at the Maine Discovery Museum during the month of April!!!**

                As you know, we incorporate literacy into our environments, routines, and curriculum.  We recently received an article that has given us another reason to make sure we continue to focus on literacy in our program.  The following article is from Exchange EveryDay on February 27, 2017.

“Reading to your kids may help keep them from throwing fits,” writes Jenny Merkin (Psychology Today; February, 2011). “In a study, researchers measured toddlers’ spoken vocabulary and self-regulation, or ability to control behavior and emotions. They found that vocabulary at 24 months serves as a very strong predictor of self-regulation at the three-year mark, especially for boys.

“Researchers…suspect that when kids can voice their thoughts, they take charge of their situation instead of growing frustrated. Kids may use words as mental tools to figure things out or to calm themselves down.

“Boys probably benefit more because they are extra-vulnerable to self-control problems to begin with; the boost from thinking and communicating is especially dramatic.”

**Please remember Daylight Savings Begins on Sunday, March 13th… we will be “springing” our clocks ahead an hour!  That simple act usually throws off sleep and nap schedules, so beware! 


Enjoy your weekend,


Jen V.