Continuing our “winter in Maine” theme, this week we focused on winter animals in Maine!

During work boards we:

made predictions on what snow looks like when it melts,


played a deer board game, helping them find food,


learned that “f” is for fox,


made a winter mural, and sorted bears,


played with animals in our rice table, and made bird feeders for the playground!


Have a great weekend!


  • The playground is super wet! Make sure you have plenty of extra socks, pants and mittens!
  • Please bring snow pants home and wash them as needed! Mud is going to appear soon!
  • We will be closed March 10th for a shut-down day!
  • Next week is Dr. Seuss’ birthday, and we have themed days to celebrate!
    • Monday: Wear red and blue for “One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish.”
    • Tuesday: Wear green for “Green eggs and ham.”
    • Wednesday: Wacky hair day for “Wacky Wednesday.”
    • Thursday: Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! Wear a Seuss hat, or your favorite hat.
    • Friday: Crazy sock day for “Fox in socks.”