Hello everyone!

This week was all about winter animals!

We played ring around the snowman and pass the cotton ball. We also made biscuit snowmen.

We made animal tracks with white paint


We went on a bear hunt in the classroom, and we did animal cave pretend.

Also, some parents have been talking about potty training. Typically, a child is not ready until age 2. Here are some signs on whether your child is ready.

  1. Do they stay dry between changes?
  2. Can they pull their pants up without assistance?
  3. Does it bother them to sit in a poopy diaper?

Below are two articles on potty training, we hope you find them helpful! Please talk with us or a manager if you have any questions!



  • Shutdown day is March 10th!
  • Next week is Dr. Seuss’ birthday!
    • Monday: Wear red and blue for “One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish.”
    • Tuesday: Wear green for “Green eggs and ham.”
    • Wednesday: Wacky hair day for “Wacky Wednesday.”
    • Thursday: Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! Wear a Seuss hat, or your favorite hat.
    • Friday: Crazy sock day for “Fox in socks.”