Grand Teton

Hello from Grand Teton!  What a great time to be learning about “Winter in Maine,”  with all this snow we just got!  This week we have been talking about winter activities in Maine.  We started out the week celebrating Valentine’s day and friendship.  We read a texture book called, “Elmo’s Fuzzy Valentine”. We made a red foot print to decorate a special valentine for our moms and dads. We sang valentine songs. We had fun dressing up for valentine’s too!

We liked just hanging out and playing with our friends. We are working on an art project for our friendship tree to decorate our door.

Sledding was another winter activity we learned about.  It was fun as the teacher pulled us around on a blanket.



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  • Friday March 10th Parkside is closed for teacher training.


Hope you get out and enjoy winter in Maine this weekend!