Grand Teton

Hello from Grand Teton!

This week we learned about sharing and caring.  We practiced using gentle hands  as we played together under the floor gym or with a friend in the double boppy pillow.  We had fun playing a game of “Boo!” with our friends and teachers.  We sang, “If You Want to Be a Friend,”  and  “The Clap Clap song” as we clapped for and named each one of our friends. We worked together moving our parachute up and down. We liked all the bright colors and the cool breeze on our face as we flapped the parachute up and down.


We read, “Let’s Get Together,” “Grandpa and Me,” “Sharing and Caring,” and “Rainy Day Friends.”


We also made a friendship wreath out of our hand prints.


We have been working on developing our language skills as we explore the different sounds we can make with our mouth and tongue.

Reminders: Please help our room collect food for the food drive.

Special thanks to all the Veterans!

Have a great weekend!