October 28, 2016

Hello Parkside Families,

Wow, we have certainly felt a bit of winter this week!  There have been several mornings this week when the infant and toddler classrooms went outside while the temperatures were in the thirties!  I realize that this weather caught everyone a bit by surprise, but please make sure your child has all of the supplies in his/her cubby that will keep him/her warm while being outside including a warm jacket, hat, and mittens.  Please remember that our classrooms go outside unless the “feels like” temperature is below 20 for the infant and toddler classrooms and 15 for the preschool rooms; it is a licensing requirement that we provide gross motor activity in the morning and the afternoon.  We cannot keep your child in separately.

Parking lot update:  The expansion of our employee parking lot is finally complete!  Thank you for your support and flexibility through the construction of this project.  We hope that you will see the benefits of why this parking lot expansion was so important: we now have 30 spaces (versus 18) to have both our part-time and full-time employees park in the new lot.  Before, our part-time staff and sometimes our full-time would have to park in the parent parking lot because there wasn’t enough space!  With this new lot, there may be enough spaces to use our staff lot (the first two spaces will be specifically for you).

Parent/Teacher Advisory Meeting:  Thank you to the parents and staff who attended the meeting last night.  Our meeting began by discussing Conscious Discipline: the reason for the program and how do we implement in in the classroom.  Some of the parents thought it would be helpful if I posted some links from the training videos in this week’s blog.  Below are links to Conscious Discipline videos; the first link provides videos discussing skills of Conscious Discipline.  The last link is a video we used at our last training day which displays the approaches of how a parent would manage their five year old’s sadness because of their hamster dying.

Halloween:  We will be celebrating Halloween on MONDAY, October 31st!  Please make sure to bring your child to Parkside wearing their costume (please do not bring any masks).   We will have our Halloween parade, below is the schedule:

9:30: Glacier and Grand Teton

9:45: Sequoia and Yellowstone

10:00: Zion and Big Sur

10:15: Olympic and Yosemite

After the parade your child’s costume will be placed in his/her cubby until you pick them up.  Please remember not to bring any candy to Parkside!

**HALLOWEEN SAFETY TIP:  Did you know if you see a teal pumpkin while trick-or-treating it means that the house will either give peanut free items or non-candy items?

Snow Policy:  Below is the snow policy; please stop by the office if you have any questions!

SNOW POLICY:  Our tenth Parkside winter is fast approaching.  Some winters tested us like none other with major storms and piles of snow, but last year was pretty mild.  We remained open every single day, even in the worst storms. We hire a company to clear our paths and driveways; they do their best to maintain the lot during storms but it can be impossible to keep up.  Therefore, we believe there may be times that it’s prudent to close our doors rather than open and put anyone at risk.  Therefore, the following is our snow policy:


  1. If Bangor schools are open, we will likely be open but will decide by 5:30 AM.
  2. If Bangor schools are closed, we will make a determination by 5:30 AM as to whether or not we will be open.
  3. We will close before 5:30 PM if road conditions appear to be worsening to the point where people might be put at risk to drive, both teachers and families. We have several sources for this information.
  4. We will alert families of closure three ways:   WABI Stormwatch (on their website and on TV) and b. on our website we’ll post a bulletin, and c. we’ll use the REMIND system to text you.
  5. If we understand that there are major power outages in the area, we will use the text messaging system “Remind” to let you know of closures. (OVER)
  6. A power outage, even a “brown out,” may cause us to close as a result. One year we DID close an hour early due to a brown out situation that was beyond our control and widespread in our area.  Parents would be notified using the “Remind” system if we need to close in a case like that.
  7. Even if we choose to be open, we know you will use your own judgment before taking children out in stormy weather. If you make the decision NOT to bring your child, please call us as it may help us decide whether or not a teacher who lives far away can stay home rather than make a perilous journey.
  8. Please make a plan for the unusual possibility of our school being closed; please talk to friends, neighbors and relatives about being your “back up plan” just as I’m sure you have for days when your child is ill.


Thank you in advance for your understanding about storms and safety.  As always, should you have any questions or suggestions please stop by, call or email us.


Take care,

Jen Montgomery-Rice, Owner/Education Director

November Food Drive:  We will be collecting non-perishable items for the Good Sheperd Food Bank and canned dog and cat food for the Eastern Area on Aging beginning November 1st through November 18th.  We will have a friendly competition at Parkside: the classroom who collects the most nonperishable food items or cat/dog items will win!  Thank you to Anne Marie Storey, for her suggestion to help raise cat and dog food items!  Please place your donated items in the baskets outside of your child’s classroom door!

Friday, November 11th:  Parkside is CLOSED for shut down day!  We look forward to meeting with you for parent/teacher conferences in the morning between the hours of 8-10 or in the afternoon between the hours of 1-3; the conference is 15 minutes and we will review your child’s assessment.  We will have sign-up sheets available beginning next week for you to sign up.  If you cannot meet on the 11th, please stop by the office to set up another time to meet with your child’s teacher.  Next week we will also send home a questionnaire for you to fill out to help us plan your conference accordingly.  In addition to having parent/teacher conferences we will also continue our teacher training on “mindfulness.”

Have a great weekend,


Jen V.