Hello Olympic families and friends!

We have had a wonderful week of learning in our classroom. This week, we learned all about nocturnal animals. Students were so engaged, and they especially loved learning about owls and bats.

Our workboards were fun, and challenged us to new levels of learning.


At the science table, we drew bugs and bats in our jars.



In fine motor, we practiced our cutting skills with scissors. At the writing center, we made owl wings with our hand prints, and practiced tracing the letters O-W-L.


At numbers, we traced the numbers 1-10, and then challenged ourselves to write them once on our own! We also counted out spiders, and made different patterns with size, shape, and colors.


We also did some fun whole group activities. We made our first class “K-W-L” chart about nocturnal animals. Next time you’re in our classroom, take a peek above the coat hooks at our class “Readmoji” chart. We rate books that we read on an emoji scale!

Have a wonderful weekend!