Grand Teton

Hello from Grand Teton!  This week we worked on our Fall theme as we learned about the autumn leaves.  We learned a new song and practiced making different sounds you hear in the Fall. We read, “Time to Get Dressed,”  “Sharing and Caring,” “Ladybug Girl Dresses Up!” and “What Daddies Do Best.”


We had fun playing with the different color leaves at the table.  We stuck them on contact paper so we could hang them on our window.  The paper stuck to our hands.

In our dramatic play we played with puppets.  We thought it was funny when the teacher would say, “Boo!” and talk to us with the puppets.  We love getting out in the buggy.  We like being able to greet our friends in the hall.


Reminders:  October 27thParent/teacher advisory meeting. October 31st – We will be joining in our Halloween parade!  Have a great weekend!