Greetings from Glacier!

This week we learned about Fall. We made “muddy” animal tracks with brown paint and barnyard animals.

We used different textured media to make a collage for our deck door.


We bobbed for crab apples with our hands. Some friends bit into the bitter apples. Some friends just enjoyed splashing in the water!


We also enjoyed a beautiful Fall bouquet from one of our older friends. We enjoyed smelling them and exploring their different textures.

Don’t miss our colorful class pumpkin in the pumpkin patch!

We are enjoying the cooler weather outside on the playground.


Please make sure to bring in warm jackets and shoe, the weather is only getting colder!



  • 10/10 Columbus Day: Parkside is OPEN!
  • 10/27 Parent/Teacher Advisory Meeting
    • 5:30pm
    • Everyone is welcome!
  • 10/31 Parkside’s Halloween Parade!
    • Send your child to school in a fun costume for our annual Halloween Parade.
    • Please no candy, masks, or toy weapons. Thank you!