October 7, 2016Hello Parkside Families!

​I hope you have enjoyed your week! We had an awesome opportunity this week to present the Children’s Miracle Network with a check of $1,025, which was collected from our color run! You can find the picture from this even on our Facebook page. Thank you again to all who donated to this wonderful organization! We are looking forward to helping other local community organizations as we continue throughout the year!

​*Parkside Pumpkin Patch! Please bring in a pumpkin that is decorated (not carved) to place in our pumpkin patch (which is located in front of the small fence in the front of the building). Please check out the pumpkin patch memo for more information! We will have our pumpkin patch through the month of October.

​*Fire Safety: October is fire safety month! Throughout the month we will be talking about fire safety and on the 21st the Bangor Fire Department will come and visit us. Look for more resources and tips in the upcoming weeks!

​Extra Clothes are needed! Now that the weather is getting cooler please make sure to bring the appropriate outerwear for your child to wear outside, especially during our morning recess when the temperatures are still chilly!  

​*Monday, October 31st: Halloween!! We love to dress-up and have fun celebrating Halloween here at Parkside! We encourage you to bring your child to Parkside dressed up so that they can show all of their friends in our parade their costume. Once the parade is over, our teachers will take off your child’s costume and place it in his/her cubby for the remainder of the day. Parents, please make sure not to bring your child in with any masks; they can be difficult for kids to see with as well as they can be scary to our younger children in the building. Please remember not to bring candy in with your child!

​Time-Outs: At Parkside our philosophy is to use Conscious Discipline and state regulations prohibit that we cannot use time outs. Instead our approach is to use methods from Conscious Discipline such as breathing, talking through the issue, and going to the safe corner. Conscious Discipline helps to teach children how to regulate their emotions in a supportive environment vs sending a child to a place to handle their emotions by themselves. We encourage you to visit the Conscious Discipline website at or talk with your child’s teachers about techniques that are used in their classroom. I found an article that discusses why time-outs are not appropriate for children under five, but unfortunately I could not get it to attach to this blog! You can read find this article at:


*Upcoming Events:  

*Monday, October 10th: Columbus Day; Parkside is OPEN!

*Friday, October 21st: 9-10:30: Bangor Fire Department will visit

*Thursday, October 27th, 5:30-6:30: Parent/Teacher Advisory Meeting

*Monday, October 31st: Halloween!

*Friday, November 11th: Parkside is CLOSED for shut down day. We will be offering Parent/Teacher Conferences and trainings for our teachers.

Enjoy your weekend,


Jen V.