September 9, 2016

Hello Parkside Families,

We have been eagerly waiting and preparing for this week, as it is the beginning to our 2016 program year!  Our teachers have fresh journals (in our Yosemite and Olympic room), new cubby tags, new door decorations, and more to welcome the new school year with.  We hope you enjoy this time with us as much as we will with you and your child!

Shut down day Recap:  We spent much of the day discussing and learning about our new program theme: mindfulness.  Our goal is to teach children to become more mindful about their bodies as well as what is happening around them.  We learned how different sounds, such as using chimes and noise machines provide calming experiences for children.  This week our teachers used these sounds and found that the children responded positively to the different techniques.  We are looking forward to continuing to build these opportunities and experiences in our classrooms over the upcoming months.  We will also continue to discuss new strategies and methods in our blogs and at our parent/teacher advisory meetings.

New Playground Equipment:  We are very excited about our new playground equipment!  The kids have enjoyed playing on the new fire truck and spinning on the new ride (which is similar to the tea cup ride).  In addition to these two great rides we also replaced our swing set with a sturdier and larger one, which has 4 swings!!  We have ordered two new pads for the additional swings and will install those next week.

Friday, September 16th: Parkside Color Run!  There’s only a week left before our first Parkside color run!!  There is still time to register for the race:  you can bring in $10 to the office (which will be donated to the Children’s Miracle Network) and let us know what size T-shirt your child wears!  For the kids who are not registered for the race, they will still be able to race and get messy so please do not dress your child in clothes you do not want to get dirty!  If your child has sunglasses, please bring them to school on Friday; we will provide sunglasses for the runners who do not have any.  Our Little racers (Glacier, Sequoia, and Zion kids) will be running in the grassy area of our playground at 10:00 and our Big runners (Yellowstone, Big Sur, Yosemite, and Olympic) will run at 11:15!  Parents, you are welcome to join your little runners if you are interested!

Thursday, September 22nd at 5:30-6:30: Pizza Night!  We are looking forward to having dinner and spending time with you and your family at our pizza night!  There is a cost of $5 per family, which covers the cost of the pizza.  Please stop by the office by Wednesday afternoon, September 21st  to sign up.  Hope to see you there!

Thursday, September 29th  at 5:30: Parent/Teacher Advisory Meeting! This group helps us look at different policies and procedures at the center, brainstorm different events, and helps us with our annual parent survey.  Our hope is to have at least one parent from each classroom represent their child’s classroom.  If you are interested in being one of our representatives, please e-mail me at  or stop by the office!

If you can believe it, we are already looking ahead to 2017!  Below is the schedule of events, trainings, and closures at Parkside over the 2017 year.  A paper copy of this list has been placed in every child’s folder, and you can find it on our website as well.

  Parkside 2016-17 Calendar dates

Each year we publish the calendar for the following year in September to give families ample time to plan for our teacher in-service days, holidays, etc.  As you probably know from previous years or on your enrollment forms, Parkside is closed only one full week all year (Fourth of July week) and the major holidays.  We are required to provide 30 hours of training to our teachers each year, thus we must be closed four “shut down” days:  one in September, one in November, March, and May.  We choose those dates based on “low enrollment” numbers just before holiday weekends, which works well other than March (which is tricky, because Easter moves around).  Please look carefully at the four shut down days each year to plan ahead for alternative care.

Please note:  we also provide back-up care for families with older children on school holidays and vacation days when public schools are closed and Parkside is open.  We charge $50/day per child for Parkside families’ older children.  Parkside has only closed ONCE in ten years due to snow; we are open even when public schools are not.  Please call us the morning of school closings to ask if we can accommodate your older child; if you know of closures that you need care for ahead of time, please contact Allison Rocque at and she will plan for your child.

The following is a quick list of upcoming events from now until the end of December; these dates were published last September, but with the new school year upon us it’s a good idea to have these fresh in everyone’s minds.  We also publish all important Parkside dates on our website, for your reference.

Sept. 16:  Color Run…everyone is welcome!  We ordered extra T-shirts if you forgot to ask ahead; cost is $10 per shirt with the entire $10 going to the EMMC NICU

Oct. 10, Columbus Day observed:  Parkside is OPEN

Oct. 31:  Annual Halloween Parade, details coming soon!

Nov. 6:  Daylight Saving Time Ends (prepare the kids for darker afternoons)

Nov. 11:  Veteran’s Day, also our last SHUT DOWN DAY for 2016; CLOSED

Nov. 24 and 25:  CLOSED for Thanksgiving and the day after (tuition the same)

Dec. 26, Day After Christmas; CLOSED

January 2, Day After New Year’s, CLOSED (most schools are)

NEW 2017 CALENDAR  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

2017 Calendar Important Dates to Remember!!


Jan. 2:  CLOSED to observe New Year’s

Jan. 16:  Martin Luther King, Jr. Day:  OPEN

Jan. 26:  Parent-Teacher Meeting, 5:30 PM


Feb. 14:  Friendship (St. Valentine’s) Day (Yellowstone and older may exchange cards if desired; if cards are given to one friend they must be given to all)

Feb. 16:  Parent-Teacher Meeting, 5:30 PM

Feb. 20:  Presidents’ Day, OPEN

Feb. 20-24  Public School vacation week, OPEN


Mar. 10:  SHUT DOWN DAY #1, Parkside is CLOSED for teacher training

Mar. 12:  Daylight Saving begins

Mar. 17:  St. Patrick’s Day, wear green

Mar. 20:  First Day of spring

Mar. 23:  Parent-Teacher Meeting, 5:30 PM (preparing for survey)


Apr. 14:  Good Friday, Parkside is OPEN

April 16:  Easter Sunday

Apr. 17:  Patriots’ Day, OPEN

Apr. 17-21  Public School vacation week, OPEN

Apr. 27:  Parent-Teacher Meeting, 5:30 PM


May 1-5  National Teacher Appreciation Week

May 14:  Mothers’ Day

May 18:  Parent-Teacher Meeting, 5:30 PM

May 26:  Parkside SHUT DOWN DAY #2, Parkside CLOSED for teacher training

May 29:  Memorial Day, Parkside CLOSED


June 2:  Parents’ and Parent Figures’ Day Picnic (all adults welcome ) 3:00/4:00

June 18:  Fathers’ Day

June 21:  First Day of Summer

June 23:  Parkside Pre-K Graduation (4:00 PM)


July 3-7, Parkside is CLOSED for cleaning and renovations (tuition remains the same)


Aug. 25:  End of Year Party (bounce houses, etc.)

Aug. 24:  Raindate for End of Year Party


Sept. 1:  Parkside SHUT DOWN DAY #3, CLOSED for teacher training

Sept. 4:  Labor Day, CLOSED

Sept. 15:  Color Run 2017

Sept. 21:  Parent-Teacher Meeting, 5:30


Oct. 9, Columbus Day:  OPEN

Oct. 26:  Parent-Teacher Meeting, 5:30 PM

Oct. 31:  Annual Halloween Parade, details TBA


Nov. 5:  Daylight Saving Ends

Nov. 10:  Veterans’ Day, SHUT DOWN DAY #4, Parkside is CLOSED

Nov. 16:  Parent-Teacher Meeting, 5:30 PM

Nov. 23 and 24, Thanksgiving and the day after, Parkside is CLOSED


Dec. 7:  Parent-Teacher Meeting, 5:30 PM

Dec. 25 and 26, Christmas and day after:  CLOSED for holidays (tuition same)

January 2018

Jan. 1 and Jan. 2:  CLOSED for New Year’s Day and day after

Please keep in mind, Parkside tuition is continual until you withdraw your child with 30 days’ notice.  Parkside is able to keep a stable staff by paying them all year-round plus paid time off days.  Weekly payers must pay the Friday before the upcoming week and monthly payers have their tuition taken out on the first day of each month.  Please contact Allison Rocque at with any questions you may have regarding tuition.

Thank you, and have a wonderful 2017!

Jen Montgomery-Rice, Owner and Education Director