August 26, 2016

Hello Parkside Families,

The blog for the last week of August is always one that brings mixed emotions: it is hard to accept that we will soon be saying “good luck” to all of our future Kindergarteners.  We have such an amazing opportunity to create relationships with the children and families here at Parkside (and for many we have known for several years), so when it is time for us to say “good bye” it is hard to believe what Parkside will be like without them.  For all of us here at Parkside, we want to say “good bye and good luck” and of course we look to hear about their next adventures in Kindergarten!

We had a blast at our End of the Year Event!  The bounce houses were awesome, tattoos and face painting were a hit, and thank goodness for the water activities to help cool us off!  To top it off the snow cones were delicious!  I hope your child shared some of their favorite parts of the day with you.  Please make to look for all of the pictures from this event on our Facebook page and also on this week’s blog!

Friday, September 2nd and Monday, September 5th:  Parkside is CLOSED.  Please remember we will be closed on the 2nd for our teacher training day.  We are looking forward to spending the day discussing our new theme “mindfulness,” working on developing our skills with Conscious Discipline, learning more about Creative Curriculum, and having time to work in our classrooms to prepare for our new program year.  Please remember if you pay your tuition weekly it is due Thursday afternoon.

Friday, September 16th: Color Run:  We have heard many positive comments about our color run fundraiser for the Children’s Miracle Network.  Please remember the deadline to order a Parkside logo t-shirt is FRIDAY, August 26th!!  The “Littles” (Glacier, Sequoia, and Zion kids) will run in the grassy part of the back of the playground at 10:00.  Our “Big Runners” (Yellowstone, Big Sur, Yosemite, and Olympic rooms) will run at 11:15 on the 16th.  Please remember your child can participate without having to purchase a t-shirt!

Jen M-R sent this article to me a couple of weeks discussing bedtime routines.  When I am meeting with parents I often discuss bedtime because it effects children in several ways.  I hope this article will be as helpful to you as it is for me!  You can find this article at:

This is why your children should go to bed before 9 PMShare on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on Pinterest

As kids, we all must have heard our moms and dads saying that children should be in bed by nine o’clock.

Of course, as the time passes by our habits change a lot. And where once the vast majority of kids went to their beds before 9 PM, today’s children refuse even to put on their pajamas ’so early.’

Kids should go to sleep early. Here’s why you should stop making excuses and get your child to bed earlier. Growing is an important part of a kid’s life, and growing can only happen when the child is asleep. Growth hormone secretion peaks during the fourth stage of sleep, at about 12:30 AM. If the child stays up late and goes to bed after midnight, the time for growth hormone production is declining and the kid might not grow as much.

Besides, studies have shown that children who get enough sleep are more productive, more focused, and better able to learn and absorb information at school. Also, kids who have healthy sleep habits are less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease in adulthood because, as doctors say, there are only two things that can slow the progression of this disease: sleep and exercising.

Parents should control the habits of their offspring. It is clear that the evening is the only time when you can relax after a long working day. But do not forget that kids get all their habits from the adults in their lives. So controlling your child’s sleeping behavior is a very important task which helps to create a rhythmic life pattern, and this, in its turn, will have a positive impact on kids’ health, both physical and mental.

How to change your kid’s habits and get their sleep schedule back on track

  • The situation should be changed radically. That means you should not only force your child to go to bed earlier but should also try to change the whole family’s sleep patterns. If the child, while in his bed, sees a light and hears his parents speaking or watching TV, he automatically assumes that it is time to play, jump, scream, or do anything but sleep.
  • Another great solution is to incorporate some bedtime rituals into your evening routine. For example, you can read to your child before sleeping. After a few days of doing this, your child will get used to the idea that the reading means it’s time to get ready to sleep.
  • One more important factor that can help your child fall asleep earlier is the lighting in your child’s sleep environment. It is believed that soft yellow light helps the body relax and prepare for sleep.
  • One more tip suggests turning off your gadgets before going to sleep. When you’re using your computers and cell phones at night, you give a bad example to your child who can repeat your bad habits.
  • And don’t forget about exercising. A bike ride or bouncing a ball after dinner can do wonders for improving sleep patterns.

Do not ignore these rules. In fact, getting into a good habit of going to bed early when young will give good results later in life. These children will grow into healthy and active adults.

Have a great weekend,

Jen V.