Hello Olympic families! This week we learned about nature and how to be nice to nature!

ABC: We practiced writing our names 5 times!

123: We practiced recognizing numbers and shaping playdough in number shapes, and then placing playdough apples in the apple trees.


Sorting: We sorted through lots of different seeds and objects!

Vocabulary: We wrote the words, flowers, forest, nature, earth and leaves.


Color, Cut & Draw: We made nature art with twigs, leaves, flowers and pine cones!


Dramatic Play: We pretended to be on a nature walk and looked at rocks through magnifying glasses.

Water Table: We learned about Freddie the Fish and water pollution with sponge fishes.


Sand Box: We sorted branches, leaves, flowers and pine cones!

Game: We sorted/learned about recycling and drew a picture of things that can be recycled.


Science: We did a living/non-living worksheet and talked about living/non-living things!


  • Please sunscreen your child in the morning before coming to school.
  • Bring extra changes of clothes to school.

Have a great weekend!