This week in Olympic we have been learning about Pirates and Parrots.

ABC: Follow the abc treasure map and write “Pp” words – please, pig, and play.

123: Roll the dice and color the pirate picture.


Color Cut & Draw: Paper plate parrots, with feathers, googly eyes and legs!


Sand Box: Find the treasures in the sandbox!

Blocks: Make a pirate ship!

Water Table: Test objects to see if they sink or float. Record the results on a piece of paper.

Science Table: We circled the smallest picture on a pirate worksheet. Then, we weighed treasures on a scale to see what weigh the most and the least.


Vocabulary: We practiced writing the world! Gold coins, egg patch, treasure, pirate, and parrot.


Dramatic Play: We acted out like pirates with pretend pirate hooks.

Game: We played a game of hopscotch!

Please remember to bring a change of clothes for your child, if her/she gets wet outside from the sprinkler! We are loving the warm summer weather!

Have a great weekend!