Happy Friday Olympic families! We have had a great week back from our week spent at home! This week we celebrated Summer! And that is fun in the sun!

ABC: Cutting out block letters “Bb” practicing writing “Bb” with the words beach, ball, and blue.


Dramatic Play: We had a picnic with sandwiches, cups and a picnic blanket!


123: We completed a color, count, cut, and glue worksheet and practiced counting and recognizing numbers.


Vocabulary: We wrote the words ladybug, picnic, sunny, rainbow and ocean.

Science: Friends played beach eye spy and explored/practiced with our numbers to to 10.

Blocks: We made a sandcastle with blocks.

Sand: We explored alphabet seashells in the sandbox.

Game: We learned how to play Bingo, ocean themed!


Color, Cut & Draw: Friends made palm tree out of our hand prints and paper plates!


Water Table: We explored seaweed, shells, starfish and sea glass.


  • Please continue bringing water safe shoes for outside (when we use the sprinkler!)
  • Please understand that we ask you not to bring in swimsuits!
  • Be sure to bring in extra summer clothes for your child, incase they do get wet, they will have something to change into.


Have a great weekend enjoying this wonderful summer weather!