We have had a wonderful week in Oylmpic!

It’s awfully sad to say goodbye to those students who are leaving. We will miss you! To those transitioning into our classroom, welcome! We can’t wait to get to know you! This week we have been learning about the 4th of July.

ABC: Friends are practicing writing the letter “Ff”. We are cutting out and coloring the block letter F with blue and red crayons. We are also writing the words, fun, flag and fast, all the while working on our letter formations.


123: We are making patterns with blue, red and white stars. We copied the first one from an example and then got the chance to create out own patterns! We then made patterns with different shaped beads and thread.



Blocks: Friends created the number 4 from the wooden blocks.

Sand: We  had the job of finding the 10 hiding stars in the sand. We can use our “sand” tools to help find the missing blue, red and white stars.

Water TableWe played with different shaped pastas imagining how a flag could be made from those pasta pieces.


Color, Cut, Draw: Friends made their own American flags! Instead of stars, we were able to put stickers on our flags!


Puzzle: We helped build the World Map, and talked about where our different family members live.


Science: We were asked to look at a big map of the United States, and discuss with a group member where their family members live. We then were asked to draw a picture of the United States.


Dramatic Play: We had the opportunity to pretend we were in a July 4th parade! We were given American flags and fun American flag glasses to wear!



Vocabulary: We practiced writing the words “fireworks, celebrate, Independence Day, Fourth of July and America”.


Please remember Parkside is closed from July 4-8th! Enjoyed that time with your amazing children! We will miss them! Have a wonderful week, and we will see you on July 11th!