Grand Teton

Hello from Grand Teton!
This week we learned about different types of transportation. Some of the books we read were, “Thomas the Tank Engine, Coming and Going,” “Stop Train, Stop!” and “Diggers and Dumpers.”  We liked learning about all the different big trucks and tractors and feeling the different textures in the book.
We sang, “The Choo Choo song.”   It was fun having our names in the song.  We also sang, “I’ve been working on the Railroad.”  We introduced the sign for “train.”  We worked on getting our car puzzle together.  We had a car wash and washed up our toy cars.  We also painted a picture by rolling our cars through paint and then onto our paper.
  • Parkside is closed the week of 7/4-7/8.
  • Tuition remains the same.
Have a wonderful week!