Big Sur

This week in Big Sur, we celebrated the first week of SUMMER! What a beautiful week is was! We asked friends what they do over the summer… Some responses were, swim, beach, build castles or play with toys outside!

We made sand castles using sand paper in different shapes.

sand paper.JPG

We worked on number identification by adding ice cream scoops (pom poms) to our ice cream cones.


We also worked on letter identification by finding the other half of our bee!


Using straws, we used them to blow paint around the paper.

In the water table, we had different containers and a water wheel! Friends loved pouring water.


We made ice cream sundaes! (Paper ones anyways!) Friends followed the recipe, of made their own creations!

ice cream .JPG

In the sand, we hid letters!


We continued the patterns using pom poms.


We made “sand castles” using blocks.


At the writing table, we drew out favorite part of summer!

writing table.JPG


  • Parkside is closed July 4-9th
    • Tuition remains the same !
  • Please bring in water shoes for your child to use the sprinkler.
  • Please cut grapes in half!
  • Always have extra clothes in your child’s cubby!


Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Summer!