Hello Olympic families. This week in Olympic we learned how to walk in our caps and gowns! We are getting very excited for graduation! We also learned about outer space in our workboards.


ABC: Trace and practiced writing the letter “Rr”. We also colored a worksheet and found all of the pictures that started with the letter Rr.

123: We made rocket ships by sequencing the pieces of the rocket ship, and putting the pieces in order according on the number to rocket piece.


Vocabulary: We practiced spelling the words: Asteroid, Constellations, Solar System, Astronauts, and Space Station.

Science: We looked at books about outer space. We then drew a picture of our favorite picture from a book.

Sand: We pretending to live on Mars and be astronauts!

Color, Cut and Draw: We made a night sky with constellations! We wrote each letter in our name in a star and made a constellation by connecting the stars with lines.

Dramatic Play: We pretended to dress up like astronauts and look at the stars through our telescopes.

Water Table: We added glitter and aluminum balls to the water to create a starry night with the 8planets.

Puppets: We acted out our astronaut puppets.

Blocks: We made space stations with the blocks!


Puzzle: We put together a cool solar system puzzle that had lots of pieces and all 9 planets on it!


  • Please pick your child up after 5:00pm on Wednesday June 22nd at Parkside.
  • Graduation is June 24th!
  • We are closed the week of July 4th.
    • Tuition will stay the same.

Have a great weekend and Happy Father’s Day!