Grand Teton

Hello from Grand Teton!

This week we learned about animals that live in the ocean.  We sang, “I’m a Big Whale,” and “Take me out to the Ocean.”  We had fun pulling different colors of fish out of our buckets and sticking them on our gate and taking them off again.  We felt some seashells.  Some of them were bumpy and some were smooth.  We read, “Sea Life,” “Flippers and Fins,”, “Hooray for Fish,” and “Deep Sea Dive.”

We had bubble play with our fan.  It was fun trying to catch the bubbles as the fan blew them all around the room.  We have been working hard on tummy time.  We were able to enjoy the warm sun as we got out on the deck to play.

Reminders:  Parkside Pizza night June 23rd.  Parkside will be closed July 4th- July 8th.  Tuition remains the same.  Have a wonderful weekend and a happy Father’s day!