Big Sur

This week in Big Sur, we learned about camping and celebrated National Flag Day.

We made an American flag by adding red stripes, blue and 50 stars.

We painted on tinfoil and sprinkled glitter on our paintings!


Using dice, we rolled it, counted the dots, and added that many fireflies to our bucket.


We made nature chains, and friends loved adding links.


Using the eraser of a big pencil, we made a night sky painting. We got to use glow-in-the dark paint. We used our fine motor skills and cut out a moon to add!


Busy pond was where we found the animals in each pond. Friends counted each animals and added each to their pond.


“What’s in your pond” was were friends glued the grass to the water and added their own animals to the pond.

In our water tables, we had nature objects! Friends loved exploring!




In the science area, friends practiced blowing bubbles!




  • Parkside is closed July 4-8th
    • Tuition remains the same
  • Please bring in water shoes to leave in your child’s cubby for the sprinkler.
  • If you’d like to volunteer to go on our field trip June 21st, please speak to Miss Nicole or someone in the office.


Have a great weekend and Happy Father’s Day!