This week we have been learning about lakes, pools and oceans. It is a broad category. We have touched up on the 3 bodies of water by participating in our workboards.

ABC: We added another word family “an. We used our best printing. We then took pasta fish tails and filled in “bubble letters”.

123: We paired with various measuring cups to show 1 cup, 1/2 cup, 1/4 cup and figured their equals.

Art: We painted purple, green and orange sponge fish. We added paper scales to make them look real.


Vocabulary: Chlorine, current, pollen and tide.

Blocks: We created pools, lakes and oceans with blocks, blue paper and paper towel tubes.

Dramatic Play: We had a blue towel (our water) with dolphins and gummy alligators and fish. We pretended to play in the ocean

dramatic play.JPG

Sand: We used magnet fishing poles to fish for crabs, octopus and sea horses. We buried alligators and found them with a friend!


Sensory: We used a fishing net to fish for upper case letters and pull them from the pond to another.


Games: We used a Little Mermaid poster paper. We used team work to create the poster together.

Puzzle: We put together one of our most challenging puzzles Under The Ocean.  48 pieces… wow!

Have a wonderful weekend!