Grand Teton

Hello, this has been a busy week in Grand Teton!

The babies have been on the move. We learned about the different animals in the zoo.  We sang, “The Animals at the Zoo,”  and “Sally the Camel.”  We looked at pictures of zoo animals and practiced making their sounds.  We looked at how some had stripes and some had spots.   We read different books about zoo animals too.  We read, “Little Tiger Cub,” “Yawn Like a Hippo!” and “I Know a Rhino.”


We had fun playing a game of chase with our friends.  We made our own obstacle course by going into the gross motor mat and up over the ramp and back over the side.  Our younger babies have been working hard on tummy time, and learning to roll over.


We have been building on our social and emotional skills by learning how to say, “Hi,”  to our friends by waving, smiling or using our voice and using gentle touches.

Have a great weekend!