June 3, 2016

Hello Parkside Families,

I hope you have enjoyed the week of awesome weather!  We have certainly taken advantage of the weather being warmer at Parkside.  Our preschool classrooms have started their early recess (from 8:00-9:00) when the weather is warm and it is dry outside.   Big Sur, Yosemite, and Olympic parents please help us by applying sunscreen on your child BEFORE leaving.  You may have also noticed that we have permission slips asking you to give your child the opportunity to play in the sprinkler.  On the playground we have made sure that water is available to all of the kids during both recesses.  Some parents have asked about bringing in a water bottle for their child, but because we have the cooler available it is not necessary to bring one.  We have found water bottles are difficult for us and you to remember to bring them home at the end of the week to be washed and sanitized; they also can be difficult to keep track of!  If you have any questions or concerns about water on the playground, please talk with your child’s teacher or stop by the office.  As a reminder, now that the kids will have more opportunity to play with the water outside please make sure your child has plenty of spare clothes in their cubbies.  

Shut down day recap:  Wow, our day was full of great information!  We started our day talking about classroom management with Courtney Pacholski, a professor from the University of Maine.  In Courtney’s presentation she had us think about values we would like to have in our classroom and in which ways will this be demonstrated.  Examples of core values would be “Be Respectful, Be Safe, Be a Team Player” etc.  In addition to core values, Cortney also talked about strategies for classroom management to help children understand the expectation on how loud they can be by labeling it using “You may have a mouse voice, a cat voice, or lion voice.”  We loved that idea so much we have started to use that here!  Dr. Sabbagh came to discuss with us bloodborne pathogens (which is a licensing requirement to review yearly), ticks, and EPI pens.  Dr. Sabbagh suggests that we look over ourselves and our children every night to make sure we are tick free, that way if it is part of our regular routines we will have an idea of how long a tick has been on us. Kevin Duplissie, who is the Director and Head Teacher at the Children’s Center at the University of Maine came to discuss his presentation on the “11 C’s” of communication.  We discussed how important communication is for children and that we need to make sure to clearly give expectations and consequences (when necessary).  Kevin also discussed more ways to improve our gardening with the kids.  He also did a fantastic job empowering us to branch out of the norm and try new things such as building our own gardens with our own power tools.  We finished the day by recognizing employee anniversaries and decorating our aprons!  Overall, it was a great day of training, learning, and teaching.  

Thursday, June 23rd:  Family pizza night!!  We had such a great time at our last pizza night, we are looking forward to doing it again!  If you are interested in attending our pizza night, please make sure to sign up in the office before Wednesday, June 22nd.  The cost for dinner is $5 for the whole family!!  Please join us for some fun!

Pre-K Families:  A letter was put in your mailboxes this week discussing the Pre-K yearbook we are putting together.  For the yearbook we are looking for families to bring in a baby picture of each child.  We are also looking to take pictures of the graduates wearing their graduation gowns on June 15th!  On the 22nd we will have our graduation rehearsal at 203 Maine Ave at the Bangor Savings Bank next to the Challenger Center.  We will plan to leave the center at 3:00 and arrive back here by 5:00.  The 24th is the big day!!  The auditorium will fill fast, so please plan to arrive BY 3:45!  Graduation will start at 4:00!  After the ceremony we will have cupcakes and refreshments.  Please stop by the office if you have any questions about the upcoming events, and please mark your calendars for all of these events!  Please remember to provide a written 30 day notice to the office of your child’s last day at Parkside!

Monday, July 4-July 8:  Parkside is CLOSED!!  Every year we close for the week of the 4th of July.  This week gives the opportunity for our teachers to enjoy time with their families, but it also allows us to do some maintenance on the building that will take longer than a weekend.  Please remember that your tuition will remain the same, if you are a weekly client your tuition for the week of the 4th is due by the afternoon of July 1st!  If you have any questions about your tuition, please stop by the office!

Have a great weekend,


Jen V.