Yosemite is Growing Green. Yes, we are! Everyone is excited to see how our garden is growing. We have planted radishes, peas, zucchini and cucumbers! Later this summer, we will have some lovely fresh vegetables to share at snack time.

We have also started a root view project. We put a kit together which has a transparent plexiglass side to watch the seeds we planted grow. Everyone added a bean seed, let’s see what happens! Everyone has been excited to do their workboard tasks centered on Growing Green.

We had a Green Grape Surprise.

In The Tall Tall Grass Crowns.

tall grass?.JPG

We made greenhouses with magnetic blocks.

magnet blocks.JPG

We painted and printed with leaves.


We circled the word green and colored the pictures green in My Green G Book.

circle green.JPG

Bugs are always in green grass, we put together a large puzzle.


Gray begins with G. We used gray markers to track and copy Gg and color a goat.

Growing flowers in the sand table was a great practice for planting in our own garden.


Please have a relaxing Memorial Weekend, reflecting, remembering and enjoying as you will.