Hello from Olympic!

This week was only 4 days, and we will be having a 4 day weekend… Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Also, thank you to all the families for attending our snacknic pizza party! We had great weather!

We focused on transportation this week.

ABC: We printed our “sight words” for you to see on our Word Wall. We laced letters of the words on string to reinforce our memory.


123: We colored, cut, and counted out cheerios to add to our paper made cars and trucks.


Art: We painted with cars and trucks with many different colors!

Vocabulary: Our words this week were, dump truck, elevator, ferry, helicopter, and hot air balloon!


Blocks: We made shelters with Lincoln Logs for airplanes, cars and trucks.


Dramatic Play: We used hats and drawings to become difference “drivers”.


Sand: We practiced driving on flat and sandy surfaces.


Sensory: We created vehicles out of magnets.

Playdough: We used bright yellow playdough with vehicles and cookie cutters.


Puzzles: We finished a firetruck puzzle together!

Reminder, we have Monday off… Parkside will be closed.

See you Tuesday!

Please try to have your child here by 9:00am, so we can begin our academics together!