May 27, 2016

Hello Parkside Families,

This weekend begins the “unofficial” start of summer!  We hope you enjoy the long weekend with your family and friends.  Before we start our weekend, we have our shut down day on Friday.  For our staff training day, we will have the opportunity to discuss and learn about different classroom management strategies from Courtney Pacholski, a professor from UMO; bloodborne pathogens and other health information important to our roles from Dr. Sabbagh, Parkside’s health consultant; and about effective communication and gardening from Kevin Duplissie, the Head Teacher and Director from the Child Study Center in Orono.  We look forward to taking the information we learned from today to help us improve in our roles with you and your child[ren].

Pizza Picnic Night recap:  Wow, I was very excited to see how many families came to our pizza picnic on Monday!  It was a wonderful opportunity to see the kids playing together and to talk with all of you.  We are looking forward to our next pizza night, June 23rd (which is the evening before our Pre-K graduation).  We hope to see you there!

Pre-K graduation information:  Can you believe we are less than a month away before our graduation (June 24th)?  I had the opportunity to show one of our Pre-K kids the gowns they will wear for the ceremony.  He told me in his humorous way, “I am not wearing that!”  We talked more about what graduation will be for him and his classmates starting with trying on what he identified the gown as a “costume.”  You will be notified in the upcoming weeks of a morning when we will be trying on the gowns and having your child’s picture taken for our Parkside Yearbook.  You will also receive a letter asking you to participate in the yearbook by bringing in a baby picture of your graduate.  The cost for this yearbook depends on how many pictures and pages we have.  At this time, we are unsure of how much this will cost, but as soon as we have finalized the book we will notify you and give you the option to purchase it.  We will also have a blog titled “Pre-K graduation songs” which will include the three songs your child will sing.  In the upcoming weeks we will have a permission slip for you to sign allowing your child to walk over to the Bangor Savings Bank at 203 Maine Ave (just across the field from us) where we will practice our gradation on the 22nd of June between 3-5.  Graduation will begin at 4:00.  We invite all family and friends to come, but please be aware the auditorium seats about 110 people.  Please stop by the office or ask the Olympic teachers if you have any questions.

4th of July break:  Please remember Parkside will be closed from July 4-July 8th.  Tuition will remain the same for this week.  Please make sure to mark your calendars!

I received the article below this week and thought that many of us could relate and to the definition of “being busy” and how we can live our lives differently.  

 Stop Saying You Are Busy
May 24, 2016

You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment. Fools stand on their island opportunities and look toward another land. There is no other land, there is no other life but this.
-Henry David Thoreau

In her Washington Post article, “Six reasons you’d be happier if you stopped saying ‘busy’,” Megan Wycklendt includes these reasons why we would all be happier if we stopped using ‘busy’ to describe ourselves and our lives.

It keeps you from being present.  Being busy implies that you are preoccupied. Right when the word “busy” comes out of your mouth, life becomes more hectic. Instead of enjoying the present moment and your surroundings, the only thing you are doing is running through your to-do list in your head. For more information on the benefits of being present, check out this studythat uses mindfulness to increase well-being.

It disconnects you from other people.  “I’m too busy.” Even saying the word makes me feel stressed and disconnected. Saying you’re too busy is like telling the other person they have too much time. It can be demeaning and come off self-centered, even if you are ‘busy’ saving the world.  Take a look at this infographic on how important social connection is to our health and happiness.

It can easily be re-framed.  Summing up your life as “busy” doesn’t acknowledge all the good things you are doing.  If you really feel like you need to sum your life up in one word, try using the words ‘active,’ ‘eventful,’ ‘involved’ or lively. These words have a more positive connotations and many times it’s what you mean anyway.

Contributed by Kirsten Hauge

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Hope you have a wonderful weekend and a Happy Memorial Day,

Jen V.