Big Sur

This week in Big Sir we learned about community helpers! We asked friends what they wanted to be when they grow up!

In the water table we were firefighters and put out the fire using squirt bottles.

water table.JPG

We talked about how vets and doctors use syringes, so we painted with them! Friends sucked up the paint and then pushed it out.

We worked on letter writing/tracing by tracing community helper words.

We became doctors and took care of babies!

In the sandbox we were construction workers and drove our cars through the dirt and sand.


We are learning about the post office and how we can send things in the mail. Friends are writing/drawing things to be sent in the mail to their home.

send mail.JPG

In dramatic play, friends acted out as doctors, chefs, firefighters and more!

dramatic .JPG

We became construction workers and built houses using popsicle sticks and playdough.

We pretended we worked in a post office. We learned that they sort mail, so friends matched the cards to envelopes.

post office.JPG

We had a teddy bear that had letter “boo boos” and friends had to match the bandaid to the boo boo.



  • Parkside is closed May 30th.
  • Please pack clothes in cubbies for the warmer weather!

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!