This week in Olympic we talked about dinosaurs!


We also went on a field trip to fields pond!

ABC– We made dinosaurs out of the letter D!


123– We measured ourselves to see how many dinosaurs feet tall we were! We also made patterns with our little dinosaurs!

Art– We made dinosaurs out of paper plates and we traced and colored our own dinosaurs!


Dramatic play– Friends pretended that we were dinosaurs using our dinosaur masks!


Blocks– We made homes for our dinosaurs out of blocks!


Sandbox– In the sand box we used out big dinosaurs to make dinosaur tracks and we hid and they found them!

Vocabulary– Out vocabulary words this wee were: Prehistoric, Fossil, Estimation, Carnivore and claws.


We also had so much fun on out fields pond field trip! We went on a walk through the woods, looked at frog ponds where we got to see some frogs and got to play and explore! Thank you Miss. Cyndi!!



  • Monday, May 23rd is Parkside’s Family Pizza Party
    • 5:00-6:30pm
  • Friday, May 27th we will be closed for shut down day. 
  • Monday, May 30th we will be closed for Memorial day.