Hello from Olympic!

This week welcomed Miss Meghan to our room! Please feel free to speak with Miss Karen, Miss Leah, and Miss Meghan with any concerns or questions.

We also welcomed new friends from Yosemite this week!

We worked with our focus on Zoo Animals this week. Several of our friends attended the circus last weekend!

ABC: We read Animals on the Go and practiced reading and writing “ad” family words – ad, bad, mad, and sad. We used magnet letters to spell them.

123: We completed a dot to dot maze 1-20 matched “polar bear ice cubes” to numbers 1-10, and finished a puzzle 1-10.

Art: We colored, cut, and glued pictures to their environment – country animals, zoo animals, and pets!



Blocks: We made safe cages for zoo animals.



Dramatic Play: We dressed up as zoo keepers and watered, fed, and took care of zoo animals.

Game: We created 6 animals with oil pastels and labeled and played with them.


Sensory: We planted carrot seeds.

Rice Table: We hid and found zoo animals.

Vocabulary: We printed on dry erase boards – baboon, cheetah, hyena, jaguar, and tarantula.

Miss Trudi let us become paleontologists! We dug up our own dinosaur fossils.



Happy May! Have a great weekend!