Big Sur

This week in Big Sur we learned about pets! We started the week off by graphing our pets. The most common were dogs and cats… One of our friends has pet crabs!

In dramatic play, friends had the chance to be veterinarians! We also had a homemade dog house that friends put their stuffed animals in.


We used patterned mats that were shaped like bets. We used different shapes to fill in our pets.

pattern mats.JPG

We took bones and went around the classroom to find something that was the same size!

Friends worked on fine motor skills and made a dog puppet. We practiced proper hand placement and following the lines.


We made pet rocks! We loved painting and adding googly eyes!

pet rocks.JPG

Friends worked together to build a home for pets out of blocks.


We even became pet groomers! In the water table, we washed and brushed our pets.


We worked on one-to-one correspondence and rolled the dice, counted the dots and added the number of bones to our dog bowls.


We practiced letter writing!

letter writing.JPG

Friends worked together to put bone puzzles back together. Each bone had a word on it, and we had to find the whole word.

bon puzzles.JPG



  • Monday May 23rd is Family Pizza Night.
    • 5:00-6:30pm
    • $5 per family
    • Sign up in office by the 20th!
  • May 26th is Parent/Teacher advisory meeting.
    • We encourage all families to come!
  • May 27h is shut down day.
    • Parkside is closed that day, as well as the 3oth.