May is this weekend! We are excited to see new grass and stems coming up in our yards, school lawn and playground.

This week we focused on fruits and vegetables.

ABC: Printed our 4 new “sight words”on dry erase boards. Ask us to show you! We read “I Can” early reader book and stringing bead letters on strings I-C-A-N.

123: We practiced matching 4 types of seeds with their flowers! We looked at them with magnifying glasses to easily see the differences.

Art: We painted with fruits and veggies (apples, clementines, asparagus, avocado and broccoli).


Blocks: We built fields to plant our crops.


Dramatic: We dressed as grocers. We sorted fruits and veggies!


Vocabulary: Our words of the week were, asparagus, avocado, crop, fertilizer and seedling!

Game: We found 10 objects in a feel/touch soft box!

Sand: We found lemons in the sand box.

Science: We made a “frog life cycle wheels”


Table Work: We figured out a maze, which connects healthy choices or giving us nutrition.

Miss Reagan and Miss Shannon (Husson University Interns) shared an imaginative visit to a wellness center. We explored what it would be like to visit with doctors and nurses. We creates a doctors book to take home!


Miss Trudi brought in ocean creature “parts” – sword fish and whale!

Have a great weekend and enjoy the gardens!