Hello from Yellowstone!

This week we have been learning about April showers.

We did a cloud experiment to see how much water it took to make rain.


We did a match project using unifix cubes to find the area of the umbrellas.


We counted the number of raindrops falling from clouds.


We also celebrated the Week of the Young Child.

Music Monday: Mr. Chris Gray came in and plated us Irish music with his bagpipes!

Taco Tuesday: We made yummy tacos with Miss Jen and Miss Allison.

Working Together Wednesday: We worked together in small groups to make lego/block towers.

Artsy Thursday: We created a special art project with Miss Roseanne!

Family Friday: We had a snacknic with our families.

Thank you to the readers that came in and shared stories with us, Kristi Morrow, Suzie Imbraco, Sondra Klausmeyer, and Billy York!

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who came in and helped us make the Week of the Young Child a wonder success. You are greatly appreciated! Thank you so much!

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Have a wonderful weekend!